Enjoying An Evening At Lightopia Festival


, 2020

Where is Lightopia Festival?

There are three Lightopia venues in the UK – Manchester, Edinburgh and London. We went to the one in London at Chiswick House Gardens.

However, don’t put that into Google maps! This will take you to Chiswick house, in the middle of the gardens, but all but one entrance is closed at night during the festival. So, make sure you go to The Gatehouse, Duke’s Ave, Chiswick, London W4 2QN. This will take you to the car park and foot entrance, which is 1km from Chiswick Station.

What is Lightopia Festival?

Lightopia is a relatively new winter event. Occurring at night, this dramatic lantern festival is best experienced walking through it with your own eyes. It is a vivid and brightly lit parade of lanterns, that puts you in the show as you walk through it. Making you feel small and enchanted! (But here are some photos we took anyway!)

Lightopia is an enchanting place for all ages
The Peacock’s reflection in the lake doubled this amazing effect
I thought this lantern lady looked like the lady from Siren’s Soundwave Beer
There is a mid-point opportunity for food drink and toilets
We Bee-lieve this sweet lantern was one of our favourites
The colour and detail of the lanterns was incredible
Lots of different animals and insects to enjoy, but the butterfly stood out
The candyland display was Libby’s favourite!
The smokey hotdog at the end was Raph’s favourite!
Lightopia is an extensive display that is so satisfying to slowly walk through on a crisp winter night.
Photography is encouraged at the festival, and they really appreciate it if you tag your photos with #Lightopiafestival

What to do after the festival?

When you have finished the finely curated walk through the gardens, and watched the projected lights display and possibly seen some acrobatics what else is there? Well, there is more! A funfair at the end has stalls of smokey meats, sweet treats and bars. Enjoy!