Crianlarich – Options, Deep On The West Highland Way


, 2019

Why Crianlarich?

First confession, we haven’t actually walked the West Highland Way yet. That being said, everyone I know who’s done the 96miles (154 Km) from Milngavie to Fort William (or attempted it) never had a negative thing to say about the scenery! But we are daunted by the distance, and Libby doesn’t like the prospect hiking and camping for consecutive days. To get the flavour of the WHW without committing to 6-8 days of hiking, Crianlarich is uniquely situated:

It has a Train Station! This means car-free transport and no commitment for completion. Perfect for a recon mission to get the flavour of the area.

It has an SYHA Youth Hostel with a free drying room. Considering more than half the days of the year feature rain at some point in the Highlands, the drying room is a magical perk for hostel customers.

It has a shop! This is a big thing for the west highland way, if you are just passing through or staying the night you can refuel on trail snacks and essentials.

It has a pub! Serving good portions of food and adult beverages, this really means every core convenience is catered for.

Things to do in the surrounding area

Ben More (1174m) is a mighty climb. Although taller than any peak in England and Wales, the prominence is only 986m making this hike slightly less than Snowdon. However, I would say much more challenging especially in challenging conditions. This is a very rewarding Mountain and given the name roughly means ‘Mount Big’ I would say climbing it means you can eat whatever you want afterwards! There is a small parking area at it’s base, or you can walk from Crianlarich to the base which is mostly off-road (but a few small sections walking against traffic on a not-very-busy road).

The West Highland Way passes through town, so there is the Southern route that has the falls of Falloch 4.6miles away (9.2mile round trip) through scenic hills.

The WHW northern route to Tyndrum passes through picturesque woodland is 5miles away.

Train to Tyndrum – Where you can find the best Black Pudding in the whole world at the Real Food Café. This black pudding was tasty, soft, sweet and salty. Deep fried – I really felt the energy being restored to my limbs after a couple of heavy days!