USA 2014

Day 61

JFK to Heathrow 06:00 wake up and coffee 08:45 Flight takes off 09:35 Libby gets breakfast 09:55 I get breakfast 11:00 I watch American Dad 12:47 I watch Die in the west mcfarlane movie 5/10 14:35 land in Heathrow at 19:35 local time and see fireworks for bonfire night from plane 15:30 get train to london (20:30 local time)

Day 60

5km run 27.19 Aldo’s New York Italian R: Steak lunch L: Lasagne Fraiser, early night

Day 57

Fly vegas new new york Days Inn Brooklyn, Redding St Tipped the shuttle man $5 who drove us from the airport Hotel Bar is named Zone. 5 beers and 5 cosmos

Day 56

Halloween Tuscany Gardens dinner Dressed as Rhet and Scarlet asked if we we had just gotten married We together lost $12 over a couple of hours and Libby got a free drink that took 40mins Finish gambling, we are up $63!!! And the slowest gin and tonic in the world

Day 54

Kiss monster mini golf R: 44, L: 52 shopping not great in vegas Cook stew

Day 55

Fraiser GAMBLING! Libby won $38 roullette, $50 spinner wheel Libby is up $75 gambling

Day 53

Massive steak dinner in hotel room

Day 52

Hotel bag vallet man carries up our shopping bags awkward $10 tip