Hymer S630

We got our motorhome in 2022, since then have been going for longer and longer trips.

Our 1999 Hymer S630
Our 1999 Hymer S630


We’ve driven it to Spain, and plan on doing lots more touring in the UK and the continent.

Chassis: Mercedes
Engine: 2.8T Diesel
Recommended oil: Semi Synthetic 10W – 40
Berths: 4
Max weight: 3500kg
Mileage: Approx. 26mpg

6.3m long
2.9m tall
2.3m wide

R15C 225/70/15 (27.4″x 8.9″)
Front Axle : 48 psi / 3.33 bar (But we run at 55 psi)
Rear Axle : 65 psi / 4.5 bar