The Greek Island of Paros in the Aegean Sea


, 2019

Our favourite things about Paros

We arrived in Paros by Ferry, which we recommend you do. Although it does have an airport (Panteleou Paros Airport), but one of the most fun and romantic aspects of the Greek islands is the ability to cheaply be ferried between them! If you can go, make sure you visit Paros! It is situated between Antiparos and Naxos. Like most Greek islands there is excellent local wine, amazing seafood and ancient white-washed buildings. However, these are our favourite parts of Paros that we didn’t experience anywhere else.

Forget table service, we want sunbed service now!

Parikia – Paros Capital

This is where the ferry port is located. So since you are here anyway, we recommend popping into the Paros Archaeological Museum. It is 2EUR for entry and closes at 15:30 most days. It is not a large museum, but gives Paros the lofty historical backdrop it deserves.

From Parikia you can get to anywhere in Paros by bus. It is not a large island, and the KTEL bus is an excellent way to get around. It’s cheap and air conditioned! But still cash only. Unless you haven’t got much time to spend in Paros, we recommend staying outside of Parikia near one it’s famous beach or port towns.

The bus is air conditioned!

Naoussa – Old Port Town

Naoussa (or Naousa on Google maps) is in the North of the island. Due to the shape of the island, a natural bay is formed making it the ideal historic location for a Port. Small fishing and pleasure vessels still make it a busy place, but it’s easy to appreciate the calm waters on nearby beaches that the friendly boatmen will take you to for a small fee.

Bougainvillea Flowers

The Town has plenty of great bars and restaurants, but the most unique part for us was the market maze! A labyrinth of boutiques crowd the narrow streets of the old town. There is high end fashion, cafés and artisanal goods. A bit pricy, but we enjoyed getting lost under the canopy of bright pink Bougainvillea flowers.

We stayed in Paros near the Church of the Kimisis tis Theotokou (Assumption of the Virgin). Despite it’s impressive size, and prominent hilltop location, it is only the 3rd largest church in Paros.

Byzantine Road – 4km Lefkes to Prodromos

The Byzantine Road is a white marble lined path between Prodromos at sea level, and Lefkes ontop of the hill. It’s 200m elevation during the hike, so we opted to get the bus to Lefkes and walk down. It was in excess of 30C and we had limited water.

Lefkes hilltown

Lefkes is a beautiful hilltown and worth visiting in it’s own right. You can get the bus here from most parts of the island, and I’m sure you’d agree it’s more fun to walk down a hill than up one!

It’s a beautiful walk, but take care in the heat. We didn’t see any other hikers, or toilets or places to get water! Had a great time though, we imagined how it would be for pilgrims in the middle ages without training shoes and suncream.

Kolymbithres Beach

This beach is famous for it’s calm blue waters, and uniquely shaped natural stones. We were driven in a small boat from Naoussa Port to the beach for a day and were so glad we did. It’s very secluded but owing to the boats and a lovely restaurant, sunbeds are tended to by bar staff. Forget table service, we want sunbed service now!

This beach was one of our favourite stops. We stayed all day and visited the nearby Mycenaean Acropolis. Though it has a lofty name, this is just a heaped pile of rocky historical ruins now. But we felt intrepid discovering it!